The following is a description of the West Pittston Library’s patron policies, loan periods, fees and fines.

Loan Periods

• Regular Books – 3 weeks and 2 renewals
• New Adult Books – 2 weeks and 2 renewals
• Juvenile Books – 3 weeks and 2 renewals
• Audio Books – 2 weeks and 2 renewals
• DVDs and Videos – 1 week and 1 renewal for 1 week
• Magazines – 1 week
• Out of System Interlibrary – Set by lending library

Fees and Fines

• Audio books, books and magazines – $.25/Day
• Juvenile books – $.10/Day
• DVDs and Videos – $1.00/Day
• Out of system Interlibrary Loans – $.50/Day (Adult and Juvenile)
• Maximum overdue fine – Cost of the item
• Lost, Damaged or Billed item – Cost of the item plus a $10.00 processing fee per item
• Replacement of library card – $3.00
• Replacement barcode – $3.00
NOTE: Once charges on your account have reached $5.00, the system will automatically block you from checking out materials from the West Pittston Library and any other Luzerne County Library. Patrons can pay for the items in question at any Luzerne County Library.

Fax & Copy Services

Fax Services
Outgoing $2.50 for first 2 pages; $1.00 for each additional page
Incoming $.25 per sheet

Copy Services Copies $.25 for black & white and $.35 for color, per sheet
Computer Printouts $.25 for black & white and $.35 for color, per sheet
Non-profit organizations $.10 per sheet

Scan to Email
$1.00 for every set of 5 pages

Luzerne County Library System Behavior Policy

Our libraries are open to the public for the purposes of reading, research, learning, and other enriching activities. Any behavior that disrupts the use of our libraries is strictly prohibited. Behavior that is disruptive to library use includes but is not limited to:

• Any illegal activities
• Sleeping
• Loitering
• Loud or threatening behavior
• Use of tobacco products including e-smoking devices
• Inappropriate use of restrooms, including bathing and shaving
• Theft or damage to library materials, equipment, and buildings
• Creating an unsafe situation with toxic, bulky, or unattended items
• Soliciting, panhandling, selling, petitioning or distribution of materials.

Local libraries may permit exceptions. In addition, parents and guardians, not library staff, are responsible for the care, behavior, and supervision of minor children. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times. Thank you for helping to make our libraries enjoyable and productive for all. Failure to comply with this policy may result in suspension of library privileges, expulsion from library property, or legal action. Any actions or exceptions are determined by libraries at the local level.

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